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Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos Exposure Florida

Below is a list of companies in and around Florida that are believed to have been linked to asbestos exposure.  Exposure to this hazardous substance results in the death of over 2,000 Americans each year.  In fact, Florida ranks second in the nation for mesothelioma disease.   If you or a family member is suffering from an asbestos related disease, call today for a free legal consultation.  Call toll free 1-866-777-2557 or use the online contact form.

American Container Paper Mill - Fernandina Beach, Florida
American Cyamid - Pace, Florida
Arizona Chemical - Panama City, Florida
Arizona Chemical - Port St Joe, Florida
Armour Chemical Plant - Bartow, Florida
Ashland Chemical - Pensacola, Florida
Bellinger Shipyard - Jacksonville, Florida
Calpine Auburn Power Plant - Polk, Florida
Cf Industries - Hillsborough, Florida
Chemstrand Company - Gonzales, Florida
Cpv Cana Limited - St. Lucie, Florida
Duke Energy - St. Lucie, Florida
Eglin Air Force Base - Eglin, Florida
Exxon Oil Refinery - Jay, Florida
Florida Crushed Stone Co. - Brooksville, Florida
Florida Power & Light - Cape Canaveral, Florida
Florida Power Corp. (Progress Energy) - Bayboro, Florida
Florida Power Corp. (Progress Energy) - Crystal River, Florida
Florida Power Corp. (Progress Energy) - Higgins, Florida
Florida Power Corp. (Progress Energy) - Live Oak, Florida (Suwannee Plant)
Florida Power Corp. (Progress Energy) - Polk, Florida
Fpl Power Plant - Cutler, Florida
Fpl Power Plant - Deltona, Florida
Fpl Power Plant - Fort Lauderdale
Fpl Power Plant - Fort Myers, Florida
Fpl Power Plant - Martin, Florida
Fpl Power Plant - Port Everglades, Florida
Fpl Power Plant - Putnam, Florida
Fpl Power Plant - Sanford, Florida
Fpl St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant - Fort Pierce, Florida
Fpl Turkey Pt. Nuclear Power Plant - Florida City, Florida
Georgia Pacific - Cross City, Florida
Georgia Pacific Paper Mill - Palatka, Florida
Gibbs Shipyard - Jacksonville, Florida
Gulf Power - Santa Rosa, Florida
Gulf Power Company - Escambia, Florida
Gulf Power Plant - Pensacola, Florida
Hess Oil - Jay, Florida
Homestead Air Force Base - Homestead, Florida
Imc Phosphates - Polk, Florida
International Paper - Panama City, Florida
Keene Corporation - Jacksonville, Florida
Kennedy Space Center - Cape Canaveral, Florida
Monsanto Textiles - Pensacola, Florida
Mosaic Co, (Cargill Fertilizer) - Polk, Florida
National Cork Co, - Pensacola, Florida
Newport Chemical Plant - Pensacola, Florida
Patrick Air Force Base - Cocoa Beach, Florida
Pensacola Naval Air Station - Pensacola, Florida
Pensacola Naval Shipyard - Pensacola, Florida
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft - West Palm Beach, Florida
Rayonier Paper Mill - Fernandina Beach, Florida
Reliant Energy - Indian River, Florida
Reliant Energy - Osceola, Florida
Smurfit Stone Container Co. - Panama City, Florida
St Regis Paper Co. - Cantonment, Florida
St Regis Paper Mill - Jacksonville, Florida
St. Regis Paper Mill - Port St Joe, Florida
Tampa Electric - Hillsborough, Florida
Tampa Electric Power Plant - Apollo Beach, Florida
Tenneco - Pensacola, Florida
Tyndall Airforce Base - Panama City, Florida
U.S. Gypsum - Jacksonville, Florida
U.S. Naval Station - Mayport, Florida
W.R. Grace Phosphate Plant - Bartow, Florida
Wainwright Shipyard - Palatka, Florida   
White Springs Agricultural Chemical - Hamilton, Florida